Despite scoring five against Steaua Bucharest in the first leg of their Champions League qualifier, Manchester City lost on penalties as star striker Sergio Aguero failed to convert two first-half spot kicks.

The Argentinian frontman failed to score from the penalty spot on two occasions last night as he saw his team crash out of the Champions League to Romanian opposition. Despite scoring a hat-trick, Aguero had a night to forget as he proved the saying: “If at first, you don’t succeed, stop trying.”

Speaking after the match, Aguero said:

“You win some and you miss some, well two if i’m being honest. After I missed the first I asked the players if they saw any reasons why I may have missed and someone said something about a laser pen, so yeah I couldn’t see. The second one I missed on purpose because my mate Jim had under 1.5 goals before half time in his acca.”

Newsroom at 11 spoke exclusively with Tom Spooner, the referee for the game to get his thoughts on the loss.

“I thought he was going to bury the first one. I had my whistle ready and was about to signal for the goal and I almost choked. I felt a bit shit for him after that so when I saw Kolarov go down in the box I thought ‘here you go mate, have another’. Then he goes and misses that one too! You can’t make it up.

“I told one of the players I saw a laser pen on his face for the first one, but I didn’t. I just felt a bit harsh on him. I almost gave another penalty in the second half, but could you imagine if he missed three!!”

Steaua Bucharest travel to the Etihad next week to continue the game which is currently in a big half time. Steaua’s manager ‘Big Jim Stud’ is confident ahead of the second half.

“I told the lads to just give away loads of penalties and let the lad take em. Kills some time and gives us a chance to rest up a bit. I think it will be easier at their ground as ours is a bit shit.”

You can catch all the action on BT Sport next week.