Manchester City have signed Maxwell Wingstanley following his stand out display at the Euro 2016 final in France. Wingstanley, a moth from Germany, became a household name following his appearance at the final as Cristiano Ronaldo received medical attention for an injury to his knee.

Wingstanley comforted the Real Madrid forward before buzzing around the stadium cameras for the remainder of the match. Speaking of the new signing, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said:

“I was watching the final with my friend Barry and we noticed the moth having a word with Ronaldo. I asked Barry if he knew the guy and luckily he had seen him play a couple of times for Mainz 05. Next thing I know, I’m getting a phone call from Sheikh Mansour who transferred me the money to buy him.”

Guardiola was coy when it came to confirming the price paid for Wingstanley but it appears to be upwards of £20million.

Pictured: Wingstanley lining up for Mainz 05

Harald Strutz, President of Mainz 05, spoke exclusively to the Newsroom @11 following completion of his £20million remodel of his German Villa.

“He’s an excellent player. Skillful, good with the ball at his feet, bit of a tendency to go to the light though. Manchester City have got themselves a good player in Wingstanley.”

Wingstanley is keen to meet up with his new teammates in Manchester before the start of the premier league season. Newsroom @11 had a chance to sit down with Wingstanley earlier today and asked the question on everyone’s lips. What did he say to Ronaldo?

“Just told him to crack on with it. Loads of people watching and it’s a final, no one wants to see a grown man in tears.”

Wingstanley will be playing his first competitive match against Sunderland FC when the new season kicks off in August.