Pre school children’s television personalities, The Teletubbies, are at the centre of a media storm as ex cast member Dipsy looks set to reveal a number of sordid behind the scenes details in his new book.

The multi BAFTA award winning series was much loved in the late 90’s, airing in over 120 countries in 45 different languages. It’s four series regulars, Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po were catapulted into superstardom as the world hung on the adventures of the four lifelong friends. As they taught a generation to learn, love and play, a darker side of the four cast members threatened to railroad the show.

The Inside story 

Dipsy’s tell all book ‘It’s not easy being green’, due to release in August, has already caused controversy as passages leaked to local media outlets. Perhaps most damaging was this excerpt on Po’s famous Letterman appearance.

“I was the second ‘tubbie’, behind Tinky y’know. We were meant to be the big dogs, when Tinks wasn’t around, I was supposed to be in charge but that all changed when that c*** Po did Letterman. She basically sat there for 15 minutes and said her name. They thought it was cute, I thought she looked retarded.”

The book is also expected to finally confirm the rumour that drugs were used by cast members during their time on the show. When asked about the drug allegations Dipsy refused to comment directly, saying:

“You’ll know when you read the book. There was a lot of fame really quickly and things happen. I never did heroin. Maybe once. Okay I did it four times but I didn’t inject.”

Pictured: Teletubbies at the height of their fame

Sweet hippo things

This is not the first time someone from the show has spoken out about backstage antics.

Speaking exclusively with Newsroom @11, Joe Warren, a production assistant on the show, described for us a typical day behind the scenes:

“It was horrific, on camera they were these kind, sweet hippo things* dancing and having fun, but back stage it was like a scene from Scarface. I’ve never seen so much cocaine in my life, and I’m from Longsight.


“It was difficult in the second season, Po had become the stand out star of the show and the others took that hard. Po had just become this huge star, eclipsing the show and that’s when the crazy demands started. She would only eat if a starving orphan watched her, she wouldn’t use anyones real name, she didn’t like the camera to show more than five seconds of the others without her in shot. It was hell.”