Ultimate Fighting Championship has been sold for four billion dollars and a Cadburys Twirl it has been announced today. The deal, expected to go through last week, was held up as now former UFC owner, Dana White, decided over which chocolate bar he wanted.

Since it’s first event in November 93, the UFC has gone on to produce some of the biggest and best fighting talent in mixed martial arts. The fighting promotion has spawned many household names including; Steve ‘the hammer’ sledge and Barry Smith. Although, in recent years fighters such as Jerry ‘The Jew’ Walowitz and Simon, have failed to bring in the crowds.

Speaking exclusively to the Newsroom @11 following the sale, Dana White said:

“It was difficult for a while. Obviously there were a lot of choices, do I go with a KitKat, Flake, maybe even a Twix. I was on the cusp of a Crunchie, but as I entered the offices to negotiate terms I saw a kid eating a Cadburys Twirl and I knew. I knew that was my choice.”

The new owner, Vince McMahon, is an unknown quantity in the fighting world, although he was some history in the entertainment industry as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, a small wrestling promotion out of the USA.

Pictured: Cadbury Twirl. Not actual size

When asked for comment Vince McMahon said:

“I was surprised he chose the Cadburys Twirl. We were prepared to offer any chocolate bar to sweeten the deal and I was sure he was going to pick one of those giant Toblerone bars you get at the airport.”

When we asked White why we didn’t go with the Toblerone he said:

“I didn’t think about that. Shit.”